The Best Places

What We Like

to Listen to & Read


~Battlefields & Blessings

Stories of Faith & Courage

by Jane Hampton Cook


~End Times Made Easy

~Resurrection Lifestyle

by Joseph Morris


~Every Great Marriage DVD

~Marriage on the Rock

by Jimmy Evans


~Love-The Way to Victory

by Kenneth Hagin


~Admiral McRaven

~2014 University of Texas Commencement Address



~Miracles That I Have Seen

by William A Ward


~The Passion Bible

 by Brian Simmons


~Seeding for the Billion Flow

by Bill Winston


~Strength to Carry On

by Curry Blake


~You've Already Got It!

by Andrew Wommack

Where We Like to Explore

Billings Ministries

~Keys and Principles

of Successful Kingdom Living


Buzzy Sutherlin Ministries

~Putting on the New Man in Christ


Global Ventures

~That All May Know

~Mobilizing Next Gen Missionaries


Grace Family Church

~A House of Mercy, Grace & Goodness


Grace Life Church

~Revealing God's Goodness



John G Lake Ministries 

~Giving You the Tools

to Change Your World


Joseph Morris Ministries

~End of Days Update


River Church  

~Hosting a Move of God

in Tuscaloosa & Alabama




~Strong Men Finish Strong



~Restoring America's History

and Heroes